The Big 4-0

For my 40th birthday my husband decided to surprise me by flying my BFFL out to Chicago to see me! We were supposed to meet in Cincinnati to see the Ark and Museum together, but instead we got to spend extra days together before heading to Kentucky!

The big 4-0!

To celebrate my birthday before we headed out of town, we went to a delicious restaurant in Lombard, IL called Weber Grill. Their beer can chicken is AH-mazing to say the least and the meal portions are huge and can easily be shared with another person.

The Family

After pigging out we headed over to the Disturbia Haunted House in Downers Grove for a frightfully fun time. Aaron had looked all over Chicago to find a haunted house that was actually open during the pandemic.


This place was an indoor maze complete with banging noises, zombies, evil doctors, people jumping out from no where, and clowns. (!!) I have always been the one that never gets scared at haunted houses, but I love seeing the people I am with jump and freak out. It makes me laugh so hard! Aaron always gets mad because I’ve never been able to get scared. Honestly though, I was desensitized at a fairly young age thanks to my older sister. I also worked at a haunted house when I was 15-17, so I know what goes on behind the scenes. However, put me somewhere high up and you can pretty much stick a fork in me because I would be done! Heights are not my thing.

One creepy fella. The masked dude not the husband.

It took about 30 minutes to get through the house and was well worth the money. We all had fun. It was the perfect end to a wonderful birthday.

Looking for an odometer shirt like mine? 

The End

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